Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foam Mosaic Art

I have been enjoying teaching quilling to my seven year old student. This time we thought of making some non quilling project . I thought of teaching her foam mosaic art. Its fun , easy and kid friendly . We made this fish in water with some sea weeds with her telling me that sea weed grows in oceans that are warmer and near the Equator :). We enjoyed making this project a lot.

Here are the supplies needed for this project:
- Foam sheets of various colors
- Scissors
- Outline of the fish, or you can draw it free hand
- Black card stock
- Glue
You simply have to cut out pieces from the foam sheets and glue them on the card stock keeping a little gap between each piece to get he mosaic effect. It sure needs a little patience but with a cupcake break and some stories from her , this project was a lot of fun. Hope you get inspired to try it.

This weekend is a long weekend. Happy Independence day to all my US readers. 
Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Got a Blog Award !

Recently Dr Sonya awarded us with the Kreative Blogger Award. Thank you so much Sonya for thinking of us. We cherish your comments so much. We also appreciate how you find out time for crafting and are how much invested you are in your daughter's creative projects.

As the rules of accepting the awards go, here are few random things about us (Amrita and Nimisha, Yes!! we are sisters. Nimisha is elder :-))

- We are both Engineers. I designed power plants for quite some years and she ( Nimisha) was a SAP consultant. Right now both of us are stay-at-home moms, doing what we love the most,raising our kids and creating.

- We LOVE flowers.

- We believe that one of the best ways to unwind after a stressful day is singing hindi songs loud( of-course when no one is listening!)

- Creating something new, different and amazing gives us immense satisfaction.

We would like to pass this award to these inspiring bloggers :
- Phillipa
- Asma
- Paula
- Jill
- Suganthi
- Antonella
- Anastasia

Happy Crafting!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paper Quilled Baby Girl Card on our Etsy Shop

It is always wonderful to create unique greeting cards for New Parents or Expectant Parents. I am sure this card will bring smile on the face of the recepients.I loved making this cute paper quilling card to welcome a Baby Girl. The quilled Baby stroller, beautiful pink feet, baby bottle, and a cute yellow duck make this a perfect baby card.

This handmade paper quilling card is a gift in itself. Many recipients choose to frame it in a shadow box and use as a keepsake for baby’s room d├ęcor.

I had given a similar card to one of my friends and their appreciation inspired putting this on our online Etsy Shop.

It gives us an immense pleasure to enter this card for Challenge 10 - June 2011 - Card for a baby girl or boy! on the Quilling Challenge Blog- Take a Quill Pill

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paper Quilled Veena

I made this Saraswati Veena with paper quilling sometime early this year. The Saraswati veena (also spelled Saraswati vina) is an Indian plucked string instrument. It is named after the Hindu goddess Saraswati, who is usually depicted holding or playing the instrument. In Hinduism Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, art and music.

Saraswati is also known as a guardian deity in Buddhism who upholds the teachings of Gautama Buddha by offering protection and assistance to practitioners.

I wanted to try quilling a musical instrument and this seemed to be the perfect choice. It took me a lot of time to finish this project. I mostly worked at nights as that time my son was only about a year old. The finished design is 8 x 10 inches approx. Entire Veena except the strings is made with quilling strips. For the strings I used golden thread( Zari).

I loved the final results and hope you like it as much as I do :).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day Gift Idea

This is what we made for Father's day. My student's father is a big fan of the game of cricket. So we thought a photo frame embellished with quilled cricket bat, ball and the wickets may be a great idea. This could be a great idea for embellishing scrapbook page for Father's day as well.

We used an unfinished photo frame from Michaels craft store and painted it before adding the quilled pieces. We added the letters " DAD" on top to finish the project. We don't know yet if her father liked it. She is working hard to keep it a surprise and may end up giving it to him for his Birthday that falls a week before Father's day.

Happy Father's day to all our readers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paper Quilling for Kids

I have been taking quilling classes for some time. I was surprised how quick even young kids can pick up this beautiful art. Here are few of my student's creations.

I am so proud :)

Little hands at work!

This was the first one! A quilled butterfly can make anyone fall in love with quilling!

Sunny in Seattle! I love the birds. Adding the rainbow was her idea :).

She made the colorful balloons for her baby sister and added two hearts for her Mom and Dad. So thoughtful!

She loves kitties. So we made this quilled cat and mouse duo. Aren't they cute!

A gift tag with quilled dragonfly.

So we decided to make a snowflake. But she did not want it to be white. She wanted one with lots of colors. Who am I to stop! So here we have a colorful snowflake :). Could also pass as a quilled rangoli :).

Earlier I posted some pics of her quilling for Mother's day. Will write a separate post for the Father's Day Project soon. Its nice and bright out here after a long time. Looks like finally summer is here. Hope you all have a great summer!


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