Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft with Pencil Shavings: Clown

This is final one in the series of craft with pencil shavings for kids. This clown will surely make the kids smile.

Following are the supplies you need :
- Pencils of various colors , pencil sharpener
- Card Stock (for base)
- Colored paper (for face, hat and hair)
- Pencil colors or crayons
- Glue and Scissors
- Wiggle eyes

Cut out the face, hair and hat of the clown from colored paper as shown in the pic.Glue them together to make the base of the project.
Add the wiggle eyes and make the clown's dress using pencil shavings. Also decorate the hat with pencil shavings. Color the face using pencil colors or crayons. You cute looking clown is ready to spread smiles :)

Here is a picture of all four of them together as a wall piece.

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