Monday, April 19, 2010

Kusudama Flowers in a Vase

Origami Kusudama Flowers are one of the cutest origami creations. It is easy enough for kids to make with little adult supervision. These make a perfect gift for their Mom this mother's day. What can be more simple, easy and beautiful?
Follow the instructions and pictures to make one of these for your mom this Mother's Day.

Supplies you will need:

- Origami paper 3 inch squares : 5 for each flower
- Green Chenile stems - 1 for each flower
- Glue
- Vase (if you want to keep in vase)
- Scissors (optional, if you want to cut squares from bigger size paper)

Origami Paper is easily available from various online resources like
We have used Melissa Doug Origami Paper 6" squares They are great for beginners. We cut them into 3 " squares.

Follow the steps shown in the set of pictures to create your first flower.

1. Collect the supplies.
2. Cut into 3 inch squares.You need 5 such squares for one flower.
3. Take one square.
4. Flip it so that the white side is on top and fold bottom corner to top.
5. You get a triangle, now hold the right corner and bring it to the top point.
6. Now bring the left corner to the top. You will get a square.
7. Fold the right flap down so that it matches the edge of square.Press firmly.
8. Fold down the left flap so that it matches the left edge of the square.
9. Open the right side flap as shown to flatten them.

10. Open the left side flap in the same way.
11. Fold the top triangle on the right side towards you. Crease gently.
12. Fold similarly on the left side.
13. Fold the triangles back.
14. Put little glue on the edges as shown.
15. Glue the outside triangles and hold it till it sticks.
16. One of the five petals is ready.
17. Make five such petals.
18. Glue the five petals together to make a flower.

19. Make one more such flower in any other clor of your choice.
20. Take two chenile stems. Keep the length about 1 inch more than height of vase.
21. Simply push the stem from the center hole of the flower.

Your flowers are ready.

Give them as is or put them in vase. Gift this lovely Kusuduma Flowers in a Vase to your mother on mother's day.

-Make 5 of these flowers and tie them with ribbon to gift as a bouqet.

-Make 12 of such flowers and glue them together to make the famous Kusudama Ball.

-Kids can gift it to their friends or decorate their table too.


  1. Cool..this is sth new...Love it

  2. ye flowers bhot bhotttt hi pyare lag rahe hain yar
    i wil definitely try it jab bhi time nikal payi

  3. I will give this a try, but it would be much easier if you show me how in person.

  4. Nimisha
    Trisha made the floweers by herself .I liked the fact that the pictures made it super easy to follow.Turned out very cute,we made it her fave colors of pink and purple.So thanks.
    Love Mausi

  5. How Could I make the stem? Or something like a calix to this flower???? :)

  6. We have used Chennile stems for this flower. Read step 20 and 21. If you do not have chennile stem you can use a thick floral wire and wrap floral tape around it. Make sure it is thick enough for the hole. To make it more sturdy you can cut a calyx with paper,( a general five pointed calyx should do) and glue after inserting the stem.


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