Thursday, June 16, 2016

Handmade Giant Tissue Flowers Birthday Decoration for A Craft Birthday Party of 8 year old Girl

My daughter is now 8 years old and she wanted a CRAFT PARTY for her birthday at our new home.
We had a fantastic time together, planning the details. It was wonderful to see her to be so sure and articulate about what she wanted in her party.

Apart from making cake at home, the must do was to have some handmade birthday decoration. She wanted it to be colorful and unique.After a little research and brain storming we ended up making Giant tissue flowers.

Many of you might remember the tissue paper pom-pom ball we made a while back.
Using the same technique, we came up with these flowers.

Since, she was turning 8 , we made 8 flowers. Different sizes made the wall display more interesting.
Variations in step from the Pom-Pom ball as mentioned above :

-4 sheets of full size of tissue paper and 3 sheets of half size of the tissue paper.
-Once you do the accordion folds together, separate the smaller size and bigger size tissue paper.
-More closer cuts for the smaller size.
-Make the accordion fold again.
-Make set of 2 of this combination.
-Tie them together with Chennile stem aka pipe cleaner.
-Open them carefully.
-Fluff them as shown in picture and they are ready for display.

We were so busy making them, we didn't realize we did not take enough pictures of how to make it.
But, this is all we did. We will post the steps may be later if you think it is still necessary.

We had a Craft party with few of her "Girl friends".
We planned a craft that they did together and made sure they had some craft to make when they reach home with favors.

We tried to be crafty with our food menu too. It was grand success.

Special thanks to my son for posing with the flower so that you get the idea of the relative size of the flower.

p.s. You can hot glue floral tape wrapped thick wire for Giant flower with a stem too.