Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paper Quilling for Kids

I have been taking quilling classes for some time. I was surprised how quick even young kids can pick up this beautiful art. Here are few of my student's creations.

I am so proud :)

Little hands at work!

This was the first one! A quilled butterfly can make anyone fall in love with quilling!

Sunny in Seattle! I love the birds. Adding the rainbow was her idea :).

She made the colorful balloons for her baby sister and added two hearts for her Mom and Dad. So thoughtful!

She loves kitties. So we made this quilled cat and mouse duo. Aren't they cute!

A gift tag with quilled dragonfly.

So we decided to make a snowflake. But she did not want it to be white. She wanted one with lots of colors. Who am I to stop! So here we have a colorful snowflake :). Could also pass as a quilled rangoli :).

Earlier I posted some pics of her quilling for Mother's day. Will write a separate post for the Father's Day Project soon. Its nice and bright out here after a long time. Looks like finally summer is here. Hope you all have a great summer!


  1. Those turned out so beautiful. You have a talented little girl!! How old is she?

  2. Thanks Alyssa. My student is seven year old..yup she is talented :).

  3. THere all so cute, great job!!!
    Just became a follower of your blog!

  4. Thanks Paula. Loved your blog.

  5. My little one can make a few tight coils. SHe is 5 and my avid crafting companion. Love yuor blog
    Becoming a follower
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  6. Dear Amrita please do drop by my blog and receive an award from me as a token of my appreciation for your work
    Love Sonia


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