Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Easy Gift wrapping for non-rectangular objects

With Father's Day approaching you are getting one more opportunity of wrapping gifts. Gift wrapping usually seems simple if the gift is a regular rectangle shape and comes in a box.It definitely becomes little tricky if it is any other shape than a rectangle and a square and little more challenging if it does not come in a box.

Gift wrapping is an art and is not such a big deal for some of us but believe me, it is a nightmare for many of us.Looking at our library of gifts we have wrapped overtime we are enclosing some pictures and ideas for gifts which are not rectangular.

Wrapping a fragile round shape object is best done in a cylindrical box. For father's day if you plan to give a golf ball or any other round or cylindrical small object for which you do not have any box visit a craft store and get a paper mache box. I was a dilemma when I had to gift the Pomander Ball shown in one of our earlier posts to my sister at her baby shower. To my surprise the idea came from my hubby.
He got a paper mache box which comes in brown color and is easily available in craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I decorated the box as shown in the picture. Supplies I used are blue wrapping paper, matching blue and white ribbon, doily. Since that is little fragile and I wanted to keep it a surprise till she opens the box I used box.
You can use cellophane paper if there is not much travel involved.

Something that really comes handy in wrapping something irregular in shape is cellophane or glassine paper and ribbon. With only these two supplies you can achieve a really presentable gift wrapping if it is something beautiful if visible partially. If there is something you do not want to show and still want to wrap in cellopane, using a colorful tissue paper first as a liner inside is also a good idea

This candle in a mosaic glass container is better off being shown through the cellophane paper with a matching ribbon tied as a bow.

Supplies and tools that come handy for gift wrapping irregular shapes.
Cellophane paper or Glassine Paper, Ribbon, Scotch Tape, Tissue Paper,Paper Mache boxes, Gift wrapping paper, Doily, Acrylic Paint.

Tip:You can use your imagination and instead of lining the box with paper you can also use acrylic paint. You might have to use multiple coat of paints if the box is brown and you are using light color.

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