Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tissue paper flowers

Flowers are in full bloom around us. I go out for walk with my five month old son everyday. Its a visual feast to go out and enjoy the beautiful colors. It has been ages since I have attempted any craft project(with a baby at home crafting is kind if a fantasy) but could not resist today. So when my little baby was napping I made these tissue paper flowers. Kids can make these with little supervision. This is a great handmade gift idea for kids to take to their grandparents house this summer or just decorate their desk or a corner in their room.

With Father's day approaching, this can be a good gift for a Dad or Grandpa who loves gardening.

Here are the supplies you need for the project:

- Tissue paper ( Any two contrasting colors, I used violet and yellow)
- Scissors
- Binder clip
- Glue stick
- Paper bamboo for the stick ( you can use chenille stem or wooden stem too)

I made a set of six flowers. You can make as many as you want depending on the size of vase you are going to use.

Step by step instructions :
- Cut four 3" x 5" tissue paper strips of each color.

- Fold individual strips in half along the width.

- To create the fringes , follow the illustration below. I have used binder clip as a guide to help cut the fringes. Since tissue paper is quite thin, you can cut multiple layers at once to reduce fringing time.

- Use glue stick and spread glue at the uncut end of the fringed tissue paper strip.

- Take the paper bamboo stem and wrap the yellow fringed tissue paper strip around it. Using the same process glue all four yellow strips around the stem to create center of the flower.

- Now , glue the violet strips around the yellow strips to get the beautiful tissue paper flower.

- Flare the paper fringes using your fingers and you have the tissue paper flower ready.

These flowers can be used in multiple ways.I used mine to create this vibrant flower arrangement.You can use these as gift box toppers too. Here is another picture:

Hope you have fun making these and bringing some of the outside color inside your home.


  1. Wow Amrita these look real (if you look from far away). Cool!

  2. Beautiful purple pansies. Good to see you on the blog.

  3. beautifully creative... keep it up

  4. Hey Amrita, great craft. Love its simplicity. Looks easy to make and not a lot of stuff needed for it. Great Idea... thanks for sharing.


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