Monday, June 21, 2010

Make your own Paper Cups for snacks

This summer, the craft that I found the most interesting, cute and useful is the origami paper cups. They are great for mini snacks like pop corn, god fish crackers, chips or even grapes. The size of the paper cup is perfect for little hands. Best part is you can make it quickly and it takes less space too. Also, if you forgot to bring bowls it comes handy too and kids have great fun eating from sothing different and colorful.
With its success in few of the get togethers I had during last few outdoor gatherings and on popular demand I am finally posting the instructions of creating these cute paper cups or paper pockets here.


-Square origami paper 6 inch or 8 inch or A4 sheet paper preferably colored for added attraction

Following these simple instructions you can create these wonderful paper cups.
1. Take the square paper and fold it in half diagonally. You will get a triangle as a result. Crease or score using your finger or a bone tool.See step 1,1a in the picture above.

2. Hold the left corner and try to bring it to the mid-point of the edge of the right side of the triangle. Crease or score using your finger or a bone tool.See step 2 in the picture above.

3. Now hold the right corner and try to bring it to the mid-point of the edge of the left side of the triangle.Crease or score using your finger or a bone tool. See step 3 in the picture above.

4. At the top you will get a open flap with two traingles. Hold the upper triangle and fold it towards you. Crease. Repeat on the other side. Refer steps 4 and 5.

Your Paper cup is ready to be used. Put some snacks and have fun. Little bigger kids can make these themselves too.It will be even more fun in that way. Simply take some square papers with you in your next barbeque party or beach party and let kids make their own paper cups. Of course you will have to show to make one.


-Make multiples and in different colors and keep it in diaper bag of your kid.
You will have a clean surface and your kid will have so much fun everytime.
-To make it recyclable craft use old magazines.
-You can make them little larger for adults too. Use Parchment paper or Aluminium foil whichever comes handy.
- Personalise by writing kids names with a marker.
-Can use in birthday parties too.


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    Thanx, Disha enjoyed making & decorating them.

  2. What's next... waiting for a new idea :)


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