Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Socks Gift Wrapping Idea

Most of you who have been to a baby shower or to see a new baby would agree that cutest thing to gift them are baby socks. When I went to my sister's baby shower I too gifted her those adorable baby socks. But when I started wrapping the gifts I wanted to do them in a little different way. After considering diffrent ways to pack them I came up with this idea. Later I realised that people have been doing similar versions of this already. Has this happened to you? When you think you have invented something,( even before you busk in the glory of inventing something new )you realise that this was already done by someone else.
Well, whatever the case be my technique is little different and easier.You can easily do it yourself and the best part is I am happy with the results and my sister was too.
For step-by-step tutorial for this lovely Baby Sock Bouquet visit

Please share your ideas if you have gifted socks to anyone wrapped in a different and interesting way. You can email me at We will keep this gift wrapping ideas sharing concept open as long as you show interest in doing so.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gift wrapping idea for theme Birthday Party

In continuation to the series of sharing gift wrapping ideas this is for those times where you have to visit a birthday party where the theme is known in advance. Also, when the gifts come online from sites like Amazon etc it becomes difficult to preserve those lovely messages that sender's send with so much of love. I personally feel that kids do not get the idea of the feelings and love behind those gifts if they are not presented to them in beautifully wrapped and with a card with message inside it.
Incidently, it happened to be my daughter's birthday few months back and she received this gift from her Mausi (maternal aunt and family) and family sent via amazon.
The theme of the birthday was Mickey Mouse clubhouse and my duaghter like other kids loves to open wrapped gifts (by tearing them) and I wanted to present the message sent by her mausi as a card so I came up with this idea.

Since red is the color in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme I decived to use red ribbon and red greeting card. I had a Mickey Mouse picture from an ad I received sometime back from Disney family. Using a double sided tape I sticked the message and inside the greeting card and the Mickey mouse picture in the front of the Greeting card. I wrapped the gift with golden gift wrapping paper. Tied the red wired ribbon across lengthwise and widthwise. The red greeting card goes well with this combination. My daughter loved this gift wrapping. She looked at the card and then opened the gift by tearing the paper. She was ecstatic to receive such a lovely gift. She remembers her Mausi (Aunt) gave her the Mickey Mouse card gift. Wrapping this gift was so much worth it. I am saving the Greeting card in a treasure box for her to read herself when she is little older.

Tip: You might replace wired ribbon by simple ribbon if your kid is too small.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Everyone whether a crafter or not tries to wrap a gift more than once in their life. I have not come across anyone who has never wrapped a gift. May be they just put it inside a gift bag but have definitely given or received a gift.Whether it is a festival, holidays like christmas, a birthday party or a Baby shower people give gifts and mostly nicely wrapped.
Most of you might agree that a nicely wrapped gift makes a gift extra special. It truly increases the aeshtetic looks but at the same time shows how much care and effort a person has taken before giving the gift. Gift wrapping is a skill in itself.
We keep trying to come up with new ideas for wrapping different kinds of gift and everytime we end up creating something new and better than before.Its been a while since we were thinking of sharing pictures and ideas of various different ways we wrap the gifts we give to friends and family

In this series of post for Gift Wrapping ideas we will share the pictures, material used and any tips when we wrap a gift or receive a uniquely wrapped gift.Please feel free to ask if you need more details on any of these gift wrapping ideas, material used. We would love to hear about your gift wrapping experiences and challenges. You might send your ideas and pictures to
We might feature them as is or by improvising the idea. In any case we would give you due credit for the same. This is the first in the series of gift wrapping ideas.
Happy wrapping.

Occasion : My daughter's second birthday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mini Canvas Art Basket of Roses

Mini Canvas Art on Easel is the cutest craft I ever made. It is perfect for tabletop decoration or for decorating a computer table or desk.
Basket of Roses bring a freshness everytime you look at it. I attempted making canvas art first time and was very pleased with the result. More because I created it for a very special friend who is about to go back to India. With a lot of luggage to worry about I wanted her to have a cute little thing as a sweet memory of our friendship. I came up with this idea as this is cute and can easily come in a small gift box and does not weigh much. You will agree weight is such a big problem when it comes to gifting friends who have to go back to India or any other foreign country for that matter.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day around the corner we just thought of compiling some of our creations which our readers can easily use this Mother’s Day to gift their Mom. These heartfelt, handmade gift ideas are bound to make the Mom the happiest person this Mother’s Day. For detailed step-wise tutorial click on the links provided.

For Mother of a Crafter: We made the above flower arrangement for our mom. Clay Flower Arrangement

For Mother of a Budding Artist: Spray Painting Greeting Cards. Make one with Elephant and a baby Elephant or the Giraffe and the baby Giraffe. Write inside what you want to tell your Mother this Mother’s Day.

For a Mother who loves Origami: Kusudama flowers for intermediate level. Make two flowers in a Vase. To make this more interesting try to make one bigger than the other by using two different sizes of paper.

For beginner level origami make pair of Penguins.

For a Mother who loves Paper Quilling or Paper Crafts: Make this paper quilling wall art.

You can also try this Paper quilling Keepsake Box.

For a Mother of Toddler: Make this keepsake box or this Foam sheet Flower. (Daddy has to help out the tots).

For a Mother to be: A Father to be or a sister of a Mom to be or even a friend of an expectant mom can make it this Mother’s Day.

A creative and beautiful idea to give a Mom to be this mother’s day is a decorated egg (signifies fertility and that the baby is growing)

or this Baby cart refrigerator Magnet (Signifying a baby is one the way).

For any Mom: We are sure any mom will like any art made by their cute baby with so much love. This Photo frame with your (the child’s photograph) is sure to melt the heart of any mom.

Based on your skill level and your need, you might want to select one of the ideas as mentioned above. You can also select one from the categories on the blog specifically for gift ideas. If you are hard on time then simply write "Mom I love you" on a card stock. Tell your Mom how much you love her. Do not forget to give one to your Grandmother too. Mother's are the most beautiful creations in this world. Their love to their child is unconditional. This is the time to show your love to them.

We hope our readers loved the ideas and will definitely try one of these.
Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers esp Mothers.


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