Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Socks Gift Wrapping Idea

Most of you who have been to a baby shower or to see a new baby would agree that cutest thing to gift them are baby socks. When I went to my sister's baby shower I too gifted her those adorable baby socks. But when I started wrapping the gifts I wanted to do them in a little different way. After considering diffrent ways to pack them I came up with this idea. Later I realised that people have been doing similar versions of this already. Has this happened to you? When you think you have invented something,( even before you busk in the glory of inventing something new )you realise that this was already done by someone else.
Well, whatever the case be my technique is little different and easier.You can easily do it yourself and the best part is I am happy with the results and my sister was too.
For step-by-step tutorial for this lovely Baby Sock Bouquet visit

Please share your ideas if you have gifted socks to anyone wrapped in a different and interesting way. You can email me at We will keep this gift wrapping ideas sharing concept open as long as you show interest in doing so.

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