Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gift wrapping idea for theme Birthday Party

In continuation to the series of sharing gift wrapping ideas this is for those times where you have to visit a birthday party where the theme is known in advance. Also, when the gifts come online from sites like Amazon etc it becomes difficult to preserve those lovely messages that sender's send with so much of love. I personally feel that kids do not get the idea of the feelings and love behind those gifts if they are not presented to them in beautifully wrapped and with a card with message inside it.
Incidently, it happened to be my daughter's birthday few months back and she received this gift from her Mausi (maternal aunt and family) and family sent via amazon.
The theme of the birthday was Mickey Mouse clubhouse and my duaghter like other kids loves to open wrapped gifts (by tearing them) and I wanted to present the message sent by her mausi as a card so I came up with this idea.

Since red is the color in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme I decived to use red ribbon and red greeting card. I had a Mickey Mouse picture from an ad I received sometime back from Disney family. Using a double sided tape I sticked the message and inside the greeting card and the Mickey mouse picture in the front of the Greeting card. I wrapped the gift with golden gift wrapping paper. Tied the red wired ribbon across lengthwise and widthwise. The red greeting card goes well with this combination. My daughter loved this gift wrapping. She looked at the card and then opened the gift by tearing the paper. She was ecstatic to receive such a lovely gift. She remembers her Mausi (Aunt) gave her the Mickey Mouse card gift. Wrapping this gift was so much worth it. I am saving the Greeting card in a treasure box for her to read herself when she is little older.

Tip: You might replace wired ribbon by simple ribbon if your kid is too small.

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