Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day around the corner we just thought of compiling some of our creations which our readers can easily use this Mother’s Day to gift their Mom. These heartfelt, handmade gift ideas are bound to make the Mom the happiest person this Mother’s Day. For detailed step-wise tutorial click on the links provided.

For Mother of a Crafter: We made the above flower arrangement for our mom. Clay Flower Arrangement

For Mother of a Budding Artist: Spray Painting Greeting Cards. Make one with Elephant and a baby Elephant or the Giraffe and the baby Giraffe. Write inside what you want to tell your Mother this Mother’s Day.

For a Mother who loves Origami: Kusudama flowers for intermediate level. Make two flowers in a Vase. To make this more interesting try to make one bigger than the other by using two different sizes of paper.

For beginner level origami make pair of Penguins.

For a Mother who loves Paper Quilling or Paper Crafts: Make this paper quilling wall art.

You can also try this Paper quilling Keepsake Box.

For a Mother of Toddler: Make this keepsake box or this Foam sheet Flower. (Daddy has to help out the tots).

For a Mother to be: A Father to be or a sister of a Mom to be or even a friend of an expectant mom can make it this Mother’s Day.

A creative and beautiful idea to give a Mom to be this mother’s day is a decorated egg (signifies fertility and that the baby is growing)

or this Baby cart refrigerator Magnet (Signifying a baby is one the way).

For any Mom: We are sure any mom will like any art made by their cute baby with so much love. This Photo frame with your (the child’s photograph) is sure to melt the heart of any mom.

Based on your skill level and your need, you might want to select one of the ideas as mentioned above. You can also select one from the categories on the blog specifically for gift ideas. If you are hard on time then simply write "Mom I love you" on a card stock. Tell your Mom how much you love her. Do not forget to give one to your Grandmother too. Mother's are the most beautiful creations in this world. Their love to their child is unconditional. This is the time to show your love to them.

We hope our readers loved the ideas and will definitely try one of these.
Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers esp Mothers.


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  3. Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty

  4. I like the Origami Flowers, they look beautiful and could be a very sweet gift for moms


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