Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Everyone whether a crafter or not tries to wrap a gift more than once in their life. I have not come across anyone who has never wrapped a gift. May be they just put it inside a gift bag but have definitely given or received a gift.Whether it is a festival, holidays like christmas, a birthday party or a Baby shower people give gifts and mostly nicely wrapped.
Most of you might agree that a nicely wrapped gift makes a gift extra special. It truly increases the aeshtetic looks but at the same time shows how much care and effort a person has taken before giving the gift. Gift wrapping is a skill in itself.
We keep trying to come up with new ideas for wrapping different kinds of gift and everytime we end up creating something new and better than before.Its been a while since we were thinking of sharing pictures and ideas of various different ways we wrap the gifts we give to friends and family

In this series of post for Gift Wrapping ideas we will share the pictures, material used and any tips when we wrap a gift or receive a uniquely wrapped gift.Please feel free to ask if you need more details on any of these gift wrapping ideas, material used. We would love to hear about your gift wrapping experiences and challenges. You might send your ideas and pictures to craftideasforall@gmail.com
We might feature them as is or by improvising the idea. In any case we would give you due credit for the same. This is the first in the series of gift wrapping ideas.
Happy wrapping.

Occasion : My daughter's second birthday.


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