Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flower Bouquet : Paper Quilling

I just started paper quilling and am loving it. I made this as a gift for one of my old friends. Hopefully she will like it.

Following are the supplies I used :
1. Quilling strips
2. Colored paper ( yellow and orange)
3. Quilling tool ( bamboo skewer will work too)
4. Glue
5. Card stock
6. Shadow box

Instead of using the double fringed flowers I used in my previous post I used simple fringed flowers. For the basket I cut strips from brown card stock and weaved the strips. You can use any thick paper or quilling strips. I did not have them in brown color.

To make the fringed flower, cut thin strips of paper. Roll a quilling strip using the quilling tool. Glue one end of the fringed paper strip to the quilling strip.

Once you have rolled the fringed strip, glue the end and remove the flower from the quilling tool. Use you fingers to spread the petals out and your flower is ready! Refer the image above for more details.

For leaves I used the basic petal shape. Refer my previous post for different quilling shapes.

To finish the project ,I framed the arrangement in a shadow box. Am visiting her tonight and hoping she will like it :). Do leave your comments whether you liked it or not!


  1. lovely...easy to make and a wonderful homemade piece to be gifted..m gonna try it for sure..

  2. Hi, I just found another blog where they have shared a lot of tips on paper craft. Thought it might be of interest to you.


  3. @cinderella : glad u liked it!
    @Sudeep : thanks..will check it out for sure.

  4. hi, please can you write that how to make the basket......and by the way your quilling is amazing I was surprised to see your art.... GOODLUCK! for your future.....

  5. I have seen ur blog for the first time and your quilling ideas are just AWESOME . :)


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