Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clay Peonies : A beautiful flower arrangement

Making flowers has always been my passion. This is the arrangement which I created recently to gift my dear hubby on his birthday. I have been making them with paper all along but this is my first serious attempt to make them in clay.

These are the materials I used to make the Peonies.
- Air dry clay(I have used Delight brand)
- Green Acrylic Paint, Wires 18#, Fall color Bush. Styrofoam
- Flower pot
- Glue and Scissors. 
All these are easily available at local craft stores and also online. Click on the material and it will take you to the resource.
Delight air dry clay comes in white color.To make Peonies I have used the clay as is. Make 5 circular balls around half inch diameter, roll them between your palms to make a tear drop. Now keeping the pointed end down using your thumb flatten each to make a petal like shape.
Using your thumb and finger make frills by pinching the petals on the outer edge. Arrange the petals in such a way that they overlap. Now make 10 circular balls about 1 inch diameter and make 10 petals in the same way. Arrange them again overlapping each other. The peony is ready. Make 3 such peonies.

Let them dry for 24 hours and then insert a wire with glue at the tip to make the stem. Make the light green fillers by adding a drop of green acrylic paint in the clay and make 1/4 inch tear drop balls. Bind with the floral tape to finish it.
Insert the Styrofoam in the pot and arrange the peonies and the fall bush.The flower arrangement is ready!

Here is the top view of the arrangement.My hubby loved his special gift   and I got compliments from my friends at the party too.


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