Thursday, September 3, 2009

Origami Penguin Pair

Making this pair of Origami is a good way for beginners in Origami to get started. It is a great craft for kids. To get started you need Origami paper preferably. If you do not have Origami paper and want to get started right away then you can use any kind of glossy magazine paper.  To make this pair you need square papers of size 6" for Mama Penguin and 4" for Baby Penguin. Follow the steps as in the second picture. Make sure you crease the folds gently but firmly. For Baby penguin however an additional step is required where you make an extra fold outwards such that the fold is along the line joining the hands and the tail.

It depicts that the baby penguin is sitting. To make a larger group of Penguins you can make one with 7" square to make Papa Penguin and make more Baby Penguins from smaller square papers. Have fun. Origami Paper for beginners is easily available from Refer my article Origami Crane for more resources.

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  1. very cute and students loved it..keep up the good work..


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