Friday, July 29, 2011

Fancy Origami Chocolate Bowl for Creativity Expo Challenge

Recently I came across this Creativity Expo Challenge organised by Wholeport- A craft supply company.
This is my creation for this challenge.
Description of Creation: A lovely fancy Origami Chocolate bowl/Centerpiece was made by strengthening the origami paper with heavy card stock in between and red metallic paper on top. The result is a fancy and sturdy bowl that can be used to serve chocolate at home or office or at birthday parties. This creation tells how you can impart the desired strength into Washi (A particular kind of Origami paper) with composite construction technique. I am always fascinated by the vibrant color and design of Washi paper.Of the four sample papers they sent I liked this the most. I guess this paper with Red and golden colors is perfect for holding golden and red Hershey's chocolate.As red and golden is always associated with festivity and happiness, I thought this would be perfect.

Name : Nimisha Singh
Title of Creation: Fancy Origami Chocolate Bowl /centerpiece
Supply: #9 Origami Paper

I need your help to win this contest. The rules say that the entry with maximum likes and comments is going to win.
If you like this creation of mine,Please go to this Wholeport's facebook page by clicking here
and in the Creativity expo photo Album like my creation and leave a comment.
Thanks for your support.

Note : If you are on facebook you can click on the photo of this Origami Bowl at our facebook page Navanka Creations it will take you to the post at Wholeport.
You might have to like Wholeport's fb page to leave a comment. (Technicalities of how fb page works, sorry can't help it.)


  1. So colorful and rich
    All the best for your challenge


  2. Thanks a lot Dr Sonia and Paula.


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