Monday, August 1, 2011

Paper Quilling Khanda

The Khanda is one of the most important symbols of Sikhism . In the symbol the sword to the left represents truth, and the sword to the right represents the willingness to fight for what is right- dharma (religion). The circle in the middle means that there is only one God, never beginning and never ending. One of my students is a Sikh and we were quite excited about making a Quilled Khanda.

We took a printout of the Khanda symbol outline and traced it on a tracing paper. Then carefully we arranged all the coils pinched into petal shape to fill the outline. Then we transferred the finished Khanda on white cardstock. I have to tell, it took us quite some time and patience. Its tough to get a seven something girl to make so many coils. It took us two sessions to complete the project and I did chime in to make some coils :).

She is planning to make a few of them and gift them to her relatives in India when she travels there this winter. I am sure they will be touched to receive such meaningful handmade gift. Here is Sirjan with her beautiful creation.


  1. Tell Sirjan it is delicately done and a quilling perfection!


  2. Well done Srijan and her teacher!! Love this craft, more so because of its symbolism.


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