Friday, July 29, 2011

Origami Boat made in Craft Class- Teaching kids Maths through Art

These lovely colorful boats are made by students of my craft class.
We have been experimenting with Origami since long. My love for Origami increased during my visit to Tokyo a while back. It seems to me that Japan is the heaven for craft enthusiasts.
Every nook and corner is so beautiful. Whether is a restaurant, hotel or workplace, you are bound to find something creative.
I still remember the lovely pair of origami peace crane on the table in the hotel I stayed.
They were just perfect. I knew origami that time but it’s been a while I practiced that. I guess after that I made it a point to practice anything in Origami that I liked a lot.

It was a pleasure to introduce Origami to my students. We started with fundamentals of Origami.
Things learnt in Origami Classes
- Meaning of Origami
- Brief history of Origami
- Types of Origami Paper
- Basic Origami Techniques
- Basic Tools
- Modular Origami
- Beginner level Origami creations like Paper Cups for Snacks, Paper Fan,
Paper Butterfly, Paper Airplanes, Paper Boats, Paper Box with lid,
Paper Basket.
- Basic Geometry concepts - Revision of geometry parents!!

Best part of Origami is that you do not need to have a lot of supplies to make something. All you need is a piece of paper. It can be an old magazine paper. It is one of the best ways to recycle. There are amazingly simple and amazingly complex things you can make. Here is a link of some amazing videos for those who need inspiration.

Origami Artist Robert J.Lang- An American Physicist and Origami Artist is one of those who has made this wonderful and old art of folding paper appealing to this generation as well by showing the reach of Origami.

Amazingly inspiring video by Robert Lang on Origami Idea+ Square=Origami

Little more on Origami
3D Swan Origami
Big 3D Origami
Travel to Oriland
Quick Guide to Origami via Internet

Note to All Parents: Encourage your kids to learn crafts, they learn many more things from Crafts than you can imagine. It is definitely not just recreational; it is educational in a fun way.

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