Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colorful Quilled Peacock , Now at our Etsy shop

I am quite excited about this quilled peacock I made recently. I had always wanted to make peacock with quilling. I enjoyed innovating by using mirrors with paper quilling strips to create the feathers of the peacock.

I got inspired by the ethnic mirror work of India, where they use mirrors and embroidery threads to create amazing clothes and art pieces. It took a lot of time to roll individual strips of paper around the mirrors but I really love the result and am sure you will see a lot of this technique in my future projects.

Hope you liked it. Do visit our shop Navanka Creations at Etsy.


  1. Very creative and great result; congrats!!!

  2. Beautiful! The mirror idea is great and I can just imagine how wonderful it must look in person.

  3. Really this is such an idea!. Love it! .the coils around the mirror ,thanks for the idea might try this sometime.

  4. Amrita what a beauty. Lovely idea to use mirrors with quilling!



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