Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Wishing all our readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.
This New Year brings a new approach to our crafts adventure. With more focus on what our readers want and also on young artists we will take our endeavour to a whole new level. Hey, it is sounding like a New Year's Resolution, with just the difference that we didn't realise it is one. We hope to come upto expectations of our admirers.

This greeting card is one of our latest creations. It highlights how a simple design can be so pleasing and refreshing. The bright blue in the window depicts a new day, the quilled and punched flowers depict the newness and freshness of the new day of the year. The lace used for window decoration adds warmth to the whole feeling.

Supplies you will need:
- Blank greeting card
- Textured card stock for vase
- Flowers of your choice ( Quilled rose flower and punched hydrangea)
- Blue and white card stock
- Paper trimmer (optional)
- Scissors
- Glue

Cut a blue rectangle for a window. Decide on size based on the greeting card size. Outline the window with white paper strip. Cut the textured card stock in shape of a vase. Assemble all pieces as shown in the picture. Let it dry.
Write a lovely message and give it to a loved one. This is a lovely greeting card for someone who has moved to a new home too.

Tip: To make quilled rose refer to our earlier post


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