Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays

Holidays especially these at the end of the year are so much fun. Apart from the various festivities it involves so many family activities.
This Christmas we explored a very popular tradition of making Gingerbread house for those families who celebrate Christmas. I say explored because to begin with we had absolutely no clue about it. Just because my daughter wanted to make one (thanks to the discussions in School and Cartoons like Mickey Mouse Christmas special). We being a food fanatic we thought let's make it from scratch. With lot of search on internet (courtsey my husband)and some ideas of our ownwe made this Gingerbread house. It was a bit elaborate one (for the first timers)but really was so much worth it. My daughter had the best time thinking how to decorate it and decorate it with candies, crackers, cereals etc of her choice.
For those interested we used the template from here but somehow after printing it didn't match up so we improvised on it free hand.
The recipe of making gingerbread cookie can be found here.
For royal icing we used Wilton Royal icing mix.
The christmas tree is inverted icecream cone with gum paste leaf and royal icing snow and tree topper.

The gingerbread man and woman have gum paste clothes.
The snow man is Marshmallow and the grass is colored dessicated coconut.
Windows and pond is made of sugar.
If you want to know more feel free to write to us.
There are so many templates available and for decorations you can go wild with your imagination.

Happy Holidays everyone, do try this fun family activity with your kids.

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  1. Wishing your an year of great ideas ahead.
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