Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowflake Craft

Today was the season's first snowfall here. I have always loved the beauty of the first snowfall, when it is pristine. Today my daughter was so excited to see the snowfall. It was really interesting to see her as excited as me.
Then came the idea of making another snowflake. Snowflake craft is one of the most popular winter crafts and there are so many ways everyone tries to make it. My favorite one till date is paper quilled snowflake. There are so many snowflakes people have made which you can find over the internet, but the most satisfaction you get is from the one you create yourself. Do give it a try. It is not as difficult as it seems at first.
If you take care of few things while you make the snowflake you will definitely get a perfect snowflake.

This is what I learned from my attempts of making a perfect snowflake.
- When you look closely you will find that paper quilled snowflake is a geometric shape with some basic simple quilling shapes. Just try to figure out the pattern. Remember perfection is the key here.
- A quilling grid and circle sizer comes handy while making any geometrical pattern like snowflake.
-No matter how perfect you think you can make without a circle grid, you end up making some little mistake and the whole effort of making a perfect snowflake goes waste.
- It helps to design the snowflake first and then put it under a parchment paperwhile making it. That way you can get the guidance needed and save the design for making it later.
- You get better at every attmept of making snowflake, learn from your attempts and try to make better each time.

Paper quilled snowflake is perfect for making a christmas ornament too. A little glitter on it and a silver ribbon, transparent thread or fish line can make your snowflake a perfect christmas ornament to cherish for years to come. Just make sure you handle it carefully and properly store in a box after christmas.

- 1/8 inches of white pre cut paper quilling strips or you can cut your own too.
- Quilling tool or a barbeque stick with a little slit at the top.
-Toothpick and brush to apply glue
-Piece of silver or transparent thread if you want to make ornament.
-Glitter (optional)

Snowflake craft tutorial
-Follow the design in the picture and make the basic quilling shapes.
-For a crash course on quilling shapes click here
-Once the shapes are ready glue them using a toothpick or a pointed glue bottle. Let it dry completely.
-Using a brush apply little glue of the surface of snow flake. Slowly add fine glitter in silver or a color of your choice

-Any white paper of the thickness of normal printing paper or a gift wrap is fine for making your own quilling strips.
-You can use a paper cutter or simply a ruler on cutting mat and a craft knife is also fine.
-Usually scissors are not recommended as it is difficult to get straight cuts with them however if you are confident give it a try.


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