Thursday, December 9, 2010

Angel Tree Topper

This year's Christmas is a little special. My daughter is so much excited about Christmas. Thanks to her school and teachers and all the decorations in various shops. Wherever we go there is something going on.
She is so much involved in all the decorations we are doing this year. We selected the tree she liked. It made her all the more excited about decorating the Christmas tree.
We bought a pre-lit 4.5' Christmas tree from Walmart. Wrapped a box and put the tree on it to give it a little more height. Bought some glittered ornaments in red and golden. Decorated it with some ornaments from previous year and are in a process of decorating it more and more everyday. It is so interesting that the more you decorate the tree the more you feel it needs more decoration.
Usually its my daughter who is telling me what to do next. She comes up with some idea or other and I try to involve her in making the next ornament making sure I take something from her imagination.
I will keep posting our journey to the finally fully decorated Christmas tree and how we reached it.

After decorating with what I told earlier it still feels incomplete. My daughter wanted something on the top of the tree. May be she heard me talking to her Dad that we really need a Tree topper. This is our first time decorating the tree so big. I am sure it is smaller than most of you decorate but believe me when you start decorating it you feel 4.5' is also too big.

So here I ended up making the tree topper yesterday. It is a simple DIY Angel tree topper. My daughter wanted it real quick so I took inspiration from one of the templates I found on Martha Stewart's website and frankly drew it free hand and used the material available at my home and here is my version of Angel tree topper.
My daughter helped me throughout the process in the little ways she can.It turned out well. You might want to give it a try. If you make a smaller one, you can use it as a Christmas ornament too.

Supplies you will need:

-Glitter Foam sheet: Silver and Red (Self sticking)
-Wired Holiday Ribbon: Red with gold design or any of your choice
-Ornament for head: Red
-Silver wire
-Tinsel rope for Halo

1. Print the template or do free hand drawing like I did, cut it on a cardstock.
2.Put the cardstock on the back side of the red glitter foam sheet, draw the outline using a pen. Cut it.
3.Assemble at the slots. This will make the wings and the body of the Angel tree topper.
4.Now just draw the wings using the cardstock template on back side of silver glitter sheet. Cut it using scissors. Peel off and stick it to the front side of the wings. You now have the body and the wings of Angel tree topper ready.
5. Next using silver wire and the tinsel rope make halo by twisting it as shown.
6. I fixed the red ornament on the top of the body using wire, you can use glue gun too.
7. Also fix the halo.
8. Use ribbon to decorate the body so it looks like Angels dress.

Your Gliterry and beautiful Angel Tree topper is ready to be put on the top of the tree. My daughter loves her Glittery Angel.I hope you liked it too.

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