Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Leaves Wall Art

Nature offers many avenues of craft. One of the best times of the year for nature craft is the Fall season. The wonderful colors of fall leaves inspire many of us in different ways. Some love to take pictures, some make beautiful painting. Yes, you guessed right. One of our favorites is making fall leaves crafts.

This simple yet elegant piece of wall art was made using fall leaves. With a little care you can also make this beautiful Fall Wall leaves Art.

The technique used here is easy. It is called Botanical Pressing. In simple terms it is collecting the samples and pressing them. The more organized collection of plant specimens are called Herbariums and they can last hundreds of years. Scientists have been using this technique since the Victorian era for botanical studies.

Well, you need not be scientist to create this Fall leaves craft. Kids love this craft. A little supervision can help them make it perfect and long lasting.

Supplies you will need:

-Fall leaves of your choice
-Plant or flower press (optional)
-Old Newsprint or blotting paper or paper towels
-Phone Books or any other heavy books - 3
-White craft glue or spray adhesive for delicate leaves.
-Canvas (preferably stretched on wood) or any base to stick leaves on.


1. Collect bright colored leaves.
2. Wipe off the dirt if any using moist kitchen paper towel.
3. Keep the leaf carefully in old newsprint or blotting paper. Prepare other
leaves similarly.
4. Put them in layers and press in plant press or flower press. Tight with
Velcro straps. If your press does not have Velcro straps then put heavy
books over it.
5. If you do not have plant press then you can keep the leaf in blotting paper
or paper towel, place in between pages of a big size book like a phone book.
Put more heavy books over it.
6. Keep these untouched for a week or two depending on how wet the leaves are.
7. If you are using telephone book change the paper towels every few weeks.
8. Do not disturb the assembly as when the leaves are dry they tend to brake.
9. Once dry, glue the leaves on the canvas or any base you chose. For more
delicate leaves use spray adhesive and forceps.
10. Once they are dry, frame them and hang on the wall. Your beautiful fall
leaves wall craft is ready.

Above is the picture of the completed Fall leaf wall art in my house.

-The basic technique of botanical pressing is to collect samples when they are not dry. They work best when they are moist. It prevents cracking and breaking when pressed.

-Samples should not be wet with rain or dew. Fall leaves that just dropped work fine as they are not dry yet.


  1. Adds to the ethnic feel of your living room :)

  2. Hey Nimisha, this craft looks beautiful and is so easy to make. Good one...


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