Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin bat craft

The cutest PURPLE PUMPKIN BAT CRAFT ever....

This sparkly purple bat is the cutest Pumpkin craft this Halloween season. Finally a Halloween Craft which kids adore.
My 32 month old daughter made it recently at one of the craft workshops at Michaels.
While I was shopping for some clothes for my recent invitation to Oprah show taping, my daughter was busy crafting this lovely and adorable PURPLE PUMPKIN BAT.
By the time I decided what to wear for Oprah show, her craft was ready.I had no clue what they were doing all this time. Thanks to her dad. Both Father and daughter were ecstatic and so proud of this creation.

Recently,my daughter's favorite color has become Purple next to Pink.She was delighted to see the color choice as Purple.

I just wanted to share the picture of this Purple Pumpkin Bat Craft as this is my daughter's first Pumpkin Creation and really this is the cutest thing I have seen this Halloween. My daughter who didn't like the spooky spiders on the Pumpkin that I made this season (she is really scared of them) has fallen in love with her own Pumpkin creation.
I cannot forget the sparkle in her eyes when she told me "Mommy I made it myself". Don't touch it. Let it dry, and so on. She was non-stop explaining all the steps of creating it. After the entire story she said I made it for "ATTA" - for her birthday gift.She is her best friend, I must say. We were about to go to one of our family friend's birthday party the very same evening.

It is a different thing that she wanted her Purple Pumpkin back after two days. So the Pumkin is back with her. A return gift from her favourite ATTA.

The only thing that bothered her most was "The Pumpkin has only two teeth". "But I wanted to make more". One of these days I am going to let her as many teeth as she wants for the PURPLE PUMPKIN. She wants to make as many teeth as she has for the Purple Pumpkin Bat she has made.

The shining (read Glitter) they let her put on the Pumpkin was a big hit. Also, the feathers.
I must say this is a perfect craft for a toddler who loves to craft.
She also told me that Boys were making Pumpkin Spider which was black. But, she made Pumpkin Bat as it is beautiful and it is PURPLE.
Though I have not seen how they created it. I think this is a very interesting and easy craft which a child can make with little help and supervision of an Adult.
I guess this is how you can make it too.

Supplies you will need:
-Craft pumpkin
-Foam Brush
-Purple water based color
-Glue based Glitter Pen -Purple
-Foam sheet purple for ears and wings
-Google eyes large
-Paint brush
-Black water based color
-Cotton ball for nose

Color the Pumpkin. Simply use glue gun to fix the feather, foam sheet ears and wings,google eyes,nose. Kids take help of parents or some Adult while using glue gun. Decorate with glitter and paint the teeth.
It makes great decoration for Halloween. Ours is sitting in the Yard till it does not rain.

Tips: After painiting it in the color of your choice let the Pumpkin Dry.
To make it more exciting use Glow in the Dark Glitter. It is available at Michaels.


  1. I was so honored to have recieved this as a Birthday gift. I second you, this certainly is the cutest haloween pumpkin craft i have seen. Good job Anoushka, I am so proud of you!!

  2. Wow neat.Purple bat is going to be hot this halloween....

  3. @Namrata - Thanks from Anoushka. I am so touched by the relationship you two have developed. I am glad she has you.

    @ Shiksha-Thanks. Seems to me too. Purple is so in.

  4. What about the Oprah show you mentioned?

  5. @T.Q.I. : Replying on behalf of di as she is traveling ..well she was on Oprah show as an audience member (not as a guest ..he he )and got to meet isn't it.

  6. Such a cute pumpkin and a wonderful project for little crafters. I bet it's the first of many crafts your daughter will try. Just wait until she's old enough to quill! :-)

  7. Ohh.... That's cool.
    Hope you get to be the guest soon :)


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