Sunday, October 31, 2010

Personalised Greeting Card

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday

One of my dearest friends birthday falls on Oct 31st. This is to wish her a very very Happy Birthday. We wish her all the very best in this lovely new year in life. Enjoy the life to the fullest. Hope all your dreams come true and that too very soon.
Wishing health and happiness...

This personalised greeting card was created with lot of thought. I wanted to gift her something unique, something she might be able to frame if she choose to. After a lot of thought I decided to make this card a personalised one. So instead of cake or something related to birthday I quilled her nick name and made a card. Her face lits up with amazing joy whenever she hears her nick name esp this one "LITTLE". That's the reason I chose this one.(Yes, she has more than one nick name).

I used basic quilling shapes as you would have known by now from our previous posts.
Also used basic husking technique for the base of alphabet.

The red lace was punched out using one of Martha Stewart's punches. They are amazing. You have to try them out to really appreciate them. Punches from other brands can also be used. They are little cheaper than Martha's tools.Craft punches are easily available in stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
I have used pvc glue for sticking quilling pieces and double sided tape for the lace.

Happy Birthday Little !!
This one is especially for you. So happy to be your friend. Have fun.


  1. thnx for the lovely gift Nimisha, it really lifts up my mood & takes me to lota sweet memories..this is one of the things i will like to cherish all my life!!

  2. happy birthday ...warm wishes ...and ....
    cheers to our great friendship
    may god bless all
    keep smiling always :)


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