Friday, July 9, 2010

Hand tied flower arrangement as Gift box topper

The way you wrap a gift tells a lot about how lovingly the gift was given. A gift which is wrapped beautifully speaks for itself. It tells, if that much thought and effort has gone in wrapping there must be definitely something really useful and thoughtful about the gift inside too.

In the series of various different ways of wrapping different types of gift here is the one which is really close to my heart. I wrapped this gift when I was still expecting my baby boy. I really didn't know whether I will be able to go to the house warming ceremony of one of my close friend's house. I had bought the gift but had not been able to wrap it till the last minute.

I really wanted to make it extra special so I quickly thought of adding some lovely flowers to the entire gift wrapping box. These flowers can even be used in a small vase too. A bud vase will be ideal for such handtied arrangements. One more reason for adding those flowers was to add interest, uniqueness and color to the gift.

Here I have used some purple colored deco clay hydrangeas which I made myself few days back. Along with that I have added some contrasting yellow bushes and few thin grass leaves.I have handtied the flowers and bushes first and then completed it with a perfect coloured wired ribbon as a bow. I have attached this using scotch tape.

This little addition has made this gift extra special. The silver wrapping paper adds glamour and sophisitication to the gift box. Silver and gold wrapping paper in matt finish and with hint of glossy finish in way of stripes or small patterns are perfect even for formal occasions.

Happy gift wrapping.

Tips: You can use silk flowers, paper flowers or fresh flowers too if clay flowers are not available.

If you know which flower the receiver of the gift likes, using that will make it even more personalised.

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  1. Wow! That's so cool you made the purple flowers yourself. I've recently been reading The Art of Gift Wrapping, and the author uses a lot of plant materials (leaves, seed pods, flowers) in her work. I want to try this more!

  2. beautiful use of grass with hand made flowers for decoration...all this making the gift extra special...


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