Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pumpkin Craft for Halloween Decorations

In the spirit of Halloween here comes the most awaited Pumpkin Craft. I have made it this year to celebrate the festivities in my own way.It can be used as a centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table and will also make a great hostess gift for dinner invitations.

This fabulous craft is really easy to make and you can have multiple variations with the same supplies.Following supplies are required for the project:
- Craft Pumpkin - Medium size
- 2" wide Ribbon -3 feet your choice of Halloween themed colors
- Floral Wire
- Floral Tape
- Maple leaves bush -12-15 medium sized leaves in shades of Halloween themed colors like Orange, Green and Brown with glitter.
- Duplex paper - Orange color
- Three varieties of Halloween themed colored bush - Recommended varieties orange and dark brown bush, one bunch each.
- Scissors
- Craft knife
- Glue
For working with craft pumpkin the first step is to place it on a surface in such a way that it is accessible from all the sides easily and you can have a good view from all sides as well. Refer the picture and start marking on the pumpkin as to where you want to put the maple leaves.

In order to insert the maple leaves and bushes you have to prepare them. Cut them so that you have individual pieces (if you bought a creeper). Add wire to each leaf and individual piece of bush and wrap with floral tape.

Make small slits in the craft pumpkin using craft knife. Insert the leaves and bushes in the pumpkin. Secure them with glue. Also insert the flowers made out of duplex paper. You can make any kind of flowers as long as they are shades of Halloween themed colors.

If you do not want to make the flowers yourself, silk flowers of similar colors can be used to complete the arrangement.

Refer to my earlier posts to make double crepe paper flowers.
Finish the arrangement with the bow you made from the ribbon of your choice. Attaching wire to the bow makes it easy to secure in the pumpkin vase.

Tips: This arrangement can also be prepared using natural fall colored leaves. You just have to be little careful not to break them while inserting.
You can add a scarecrow to it too. Adding a crafted spider makes it little spooky too. It makes a great window display for the Halloween season.

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  1. Beautiful arrangement of flowers..loved it...


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