Thursday, June 3, 2010

Card Making for Toddlers

Card making is a craft that everyone enjoys no matter what age or skill level they are. Also, card making is one of those craft which most of us do more than any other craft. Recently we visited one of our family friends after a long time. They have three kids and my 28 month old toddler is a great fan of them. She wanted to make something for her and she herself said she wants to make a card. Thanks to all those creations she watches me do every now and then. I handed over her lot of stickers and three mini card stocks. With very minimal supervision this is what she came up with. I was so happy with the result. She and the card receivers were happier.
I really felt that my toddler is growing and it is reflecting in her little creations.

Supplies: Foam stickers, card stock or any colorful paper for card

Tip: When a toddler is making a card, instead of writing the names of those whom you want to give the card you can give a foam sticker of their initial. That way they learn which alphabet the names of the recipients start.

Involving toddler in making the card gives a personal touch to the gift giving and it adds confidence and a sense of achievement to the toddler (and her mom too :) ).


  1. The cards look simply beautiful... specially coming from a toddler.


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