Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preparing Egg for Easter Decoration

For the Easter projects like Washi eggs and Paper quilling eggs it is better to use empty egg shells.This makes the beautiful Easter Eggs last long once they are decorated. Some traditional easter decorations are done with hard boiled eggs esp in egg food colour dyeing projects. Since they are perishable and heavier. Using a raw egg also is not recommended,they rot too soon.

Supplies needed:
Large needle
Bamboo Skewer
Egg blow out tool or Ear/Nose syringe

There is a wide range of size of eggs that are used for Easter egg decoration. Ranging from quail eggs (being the smallest), chicken eggs, goose eggs and so on to Ostrich egg (Biggest).
For this project I have used Chicken eggs Jumbo size. By preparing the eggs I mean, make them ready for decoration. Remove the egg white and yolk and sanitize it to make it ready for decoration. You can achieve this in different ways. This is how I did it.

Take the egg (room temperature) and gently pierce with a large needle at the end (top) and bottom. Make more piercings next to each other in a circle at bottom (bigger end) to make roughly 1/4 inch circle. Gently by tapping with needle break the shell to make 1/4 inch circle. Similarly make a smaller hole at the top just enough that you can insert a rubber ear syringe or a nose syringe (used for babies). I had an extra nose syringe so I used that. Once the shell is broken next step is break the yolk. Without breaking the yolk nothing will come out. I used a bamboo skewer to do that. Use a clean skewer and syringe. Keep the egg above a bowl and gently break yolk and stir. Once the yolk is broken, blow air from the top hole. The content will come out. I read somewhere on internet that use the contents preferably same day but you can keep them in an airtight container in refrigerator for upto 3 days. I have not tried that but that's what is recommended by experts.

Once the contents are out wash the egg shells in warm water and blow again to remove any trapped water. Wash the egg with water and mild dish washing detergent.Rinse them well. Finally sanitize it using Vinegar wash (1 tbs Vinegar in about 1 cup water). Leave them to dry completely preferably in egg carton as they are so fragile. It is a good idea to prepare eggs a day before you start decorating. If in a hurry 3-4 hrs is also enough.

Now when the eggs are ready you can decorate them anyway you like.

-You can choose to pierce holes only on one end. The biggger end of the egg. It will just take a little longer to remove the contents. You might like to try shaking the egg before piercing.

-Paper clip when straighten can also be used instead of skewer to pierce and stir yolk.
-Craft stores sell egg piercer and egg blow out tool. You can use them too.
-Real eggs in various sizes are also avialable for purchase online.

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