Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Washi Eggs for Easter

Decorate the Easter Eggs yourself this Easter. This is a craft I have been planning to do from quite long. Seems they are turning out well.

Washi eggs as the name suggests are very beautiful eggs decorated with Washi paper. Washi paper is a very thin brightly colored Japanese Paper.It is a thin paper with the strength similar to cloth. This is used for various crafts including origami.

Supplies needed:
Egg Shell
Washi Paper
Paper cutter
Self healing mat
Painting brush
Water based varnish

These are best made on prepared eggs with contents emptied. For tutorial on how to prepare eggs go to How to prepare eggs for decoration.

Using a paper cutter cut the outlines of the cart and the flowers from the washi paper. I have used the one bought in Japan. You can buy them online from various resources like amazon.

Carefully paste the cut-outs using craft glue preferably using a painting brush. Make sure you neatly close the holes you have made by pasting a appropriate cut-out there. Smooth them using back of the spoon. Let it dry. Once done you can spray water based varnish for some shine and to last longer. Washi papers come in Amazing colors and you can decorate a lot of eggs using this technique and gift it to family and friends this Easter.


- Instead of Craft glue you can use glue like Clag Paste which come with a brush and are transparent for easy application and better finish.

-You can buy the prepared eggs online too.

-This project can be done on wooden eggs too.


  1. oo tis so cute... what happend to the egg yolk inside??did u takeit out and then dry tthe shell??

  2. Thanks. Yes, it is an empty shell which you can easily keep for as long as you can protect the shell. No smell no rotting.. :-) The technique is called egg blow out.
    Will update the deatailed tutorial soon.

  3. I love the colors you used here...beautiful

  4. Another Amazing Post...

  5. Its creatively stunning...too gud...i just loved it....and in fact i loved all of your creations.....well i waanaa know how did u join the shell...once u have taken out the yolk.....wil b waiting 4 ur detailed post..

  6. Who let the yolks out this Easter?


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