Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paper Quilled Easter Egg

With Easter around the corner I was all charged up to try a new way of decorating eggs. This is how you can use the paper quilling technique for decorating egg.
Supplies needed:
Egg (contents emptied)
Paper quilling strips yellow, orange, green, blue
White A4 Sheet
Glitter- Silver
To prepare egg refer to the tutorial How to prepare Easter eggs for decoration. If you have read some of our previous articles on paper quilling you can create this egg really easily and it is great fun for kids too. This egg is made with some shapes we have taught in detail earlier like simple curl, teardrops, rose and daisy. I have used colored ready made quilling strips and for white I have used A4 sheet printing paper.
Simply use craft glue to stick the shapes as seen in the below pictures.

A little goes a long way. I have used glitter to enhance the white quilled teardrop shapes at the border. Use brush to apply glue and glitter to these paper quilled teardrop shape. Follow the pictures to create the design I have made or you can create your own. Make sure you close the hole using the paper quilling shapes. For this project you can easily use any gift wrapping paper or magazine paper too.

-You can also use wooden eggs for this craft if you want to avoid hassle of preparing real egg.
-Real eggs in various sizes are also avialable for purchase online.
-You can make Paper quilling egg ornament by inserting ribbon through the hole using a large needle before closing the holes.
-Beautiful Easter eggs can be used to decorate your home in baskets as well as stands.
-They make great gifts too. Eggs represent fertility and are a favorite gifts for baby shower or as a favor.


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