Friday, March 19, 2010

Clay Cherry Blossom in a Vase

Bring spring in your home with this beautiful cherry blossom in a vase. This flower arrangement can be put as a centerpiece on a dining table or can beautify your corner lamp stand or may be an end table. Wherever you keep this handmade cherry blossom it is definitely going to make the space the center of attraction. This classy arrangement is something you can make yourself with a little effort.
Refer picture below for a closer look.

Supplies you need:
- Air dry clay- white and red
- Pollens
- Bamboo skewer
- Floral wire
- Brown floral tape
- Vase
- Dry stems from your backyard

Follow the above picture for the step wise instructions to create this beautiful cherry blossom in clay. To begin with you need to mix the white air dry clay with a pinch of red. Mix well. Try to reach the desired shade of pink. Once you get the desired shade keep the clay covered as it dries really quickly.
-Take a small tear drop of clay as in the picture above.
-Holding the tear drop in your hand, put the bamboo skewer at the center and start rotating both the clay and the skewer. Keep rotating till you get the thickness like of petals as shown.
-Flatten it and cut petals as shown using pointed scissors.
-Using your fingers fold the edges of the petals downward as shown.
-Use skewers to highlight the center of the cherry blossom.
-Insert pollens at the center
-Insert wire and let the flower dry for few hours or may be overnight.
-To make buds you can use the tear drop shape.
-Complete by covering the floral wire using brown tape.
-Arrange the flowers the way you like.
This is how I arranged it. For making the below arrangement you will need about 40 flowers. Have fun creating this handmade clay cherry blossom flower arrangement this spring.

Tips: Air dry clay is available in craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
You can also order them online from Amazon or similar websites.
We recommend using Delight or Deco clay for this project.
Instead of red clay you can also use acrylic paint.
It is a good idea to prepare the clay all at once to make sure you get the same shade in all flowers.


  1. C'est magnifique ! Very beautiful !!!

  2. oooo what can i say.. each and every thing u make is just amazing...LOVE'EM

  3. I adore these cherry blossoms. Makes me yearn for spring and all of the new growth.

  4. These look beautiful. I'm currently trying to figure out ways to make my own cherry blossoms for my wedding. Definitely, going to try this.


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