Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pomander Ball with Clay Flowers

Happy New Year to all those who read our Blog. Thanks for all the encouragement and appreciation during the past year.
This new year we will have a new category for Gift ideas for Special Occasions. To begin with we will share Baby Shower Gift ideas.
This is one of my favorite creations so far. I think this is my best creation ever.
This project is closest to my heart. I made this for my sister for her Baby Shower. I wanted to make something special and unique. The idea was to create something that she will cherish for a long time to come. She is adorable and so truly deserves this beautiful creation. Since, she was expecting a baby boy I decided to make Pomander ball of blue roses. I used five petal white flowers to give a soothing effect and enhance the effect of blue color.
Pomander Ball, also known as Kissing Ball is the cutest thing I discovered recently. Pomander ball is used in Weddings, Christmas decorations and also as Baby shower decorations. Usually fresh flowers are used as it requires a lot of flowers. Making them in clay makes it extra special and this way it lasts longer. Pomander Ball with clay flowers is a labor intensive project, but once completed you really get the satisfaction of creating something magnificent.
Believe me when you make it for someone close to your heart and they appreciate it as much as you do, you feel all the effort was so much worth it.
Here are some more pictures of this state-of-the-art masterpiece of mine.

Let us know your views on this idea for baby shower gift idea.
Keep visiting there is more to come in this Category of Gift ideas for Special Occasions...

Tip: For Valentine's day this same idea can be used by replacing the blue roses by red roses.


  1. Very very nice and creative....!!! Please keep sharing...!!!....Actyually this is Bhushan

  2. beautiful creation Nimisha.....

  3. Wow..amazing..certainly one of the best posts till can't believe its hand made...

  4. Thanks Harshita, Namrata, Bhushan, Cindrella..
    Your appreciation motivates us to create even better things.

  5. its just lovvveeeeellyyy.........damn cute yar......bhot hi pyara hai

  6. i happened to come across ur blog and was floored by it. what beautiful creations. i am now hooked on to it and will be a regular here. i also ahve ablog at pl do visit it , become a member and leave ur comments. i am adding you to my blog list.

  7. Nimisha...

    Hats off to you. Wow this is impressive.Keep it up.I simply love u r ideas and shall try them soon.Now I am going to tell all my friends to visit this site.Job well done :))

  8. hi
    your blog is too good, interesting and have given detailed tutorials and thats truly interesting. Thankyou for sharing and am literally glued to ur blog..Best wishes!!

  9. Awesome work!You got a very nice space..keep rocking!

  10. i'm loving it..great job!!

  11. Really nice work... can i know how can i make the ball shape using the flowers which are made?

  12. @Vishnu- Thanks. You can use styrofoam balls for the round shape.They come in different sizes.They are easily available in craft stores in various sizes.In which country are you in? If you have any more questions you can write us at

  13. hi
    just love ur u have any tutorials for this


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