Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo Frame Decorated With Felt Flowers

When we were kids we were always encouraged to make handmade gifts for our near and dear ones. With the festival season around, I thought of this quick and easy photo frame craft project. Kids can make this project themselves or with some supervision and it can be a great gift for family or friends.

Following supplies are needed for the project :
- Unfinished wooden photo-frame (easily available in craft stores)
- Felt ( red , orange and green)
- Acrylic paint (yellow)
- Varnish
- Paintbrush
- Embroidery thread(yellow, green) and needle
- Glue and Scissors

I painted the unfinished wooden photo frame with yellow acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I applied a coat of varnish to give it a finished look.

You can use the color of your choice or if you want you may even use a plain finished photoframe and embellish it using the felt flowers.

For the flowers I used red and orange felt and arranged them as shown in the picture. I also cut leaves using green felt.The felt I have used in this project has adhesive backing but that's not essential. You can simply use glue for sticking the flowers and leaves.

I also added back stitch detail to the flowers and leaves using embroidery thread. Here is a picture of the finished photo frame after sticking the felt flowers and leaves.

Add a picture and you special gift is ready. (The picture I have used is a cut-out from Parenting magazine.)

This is a very simple project but making it yourself and adding a photograph capturing your special moment with the person who will be getting this gift makes it personal and all the more special.


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