Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Socks Rose Bouquet

In continuation to the series of gift ideas for Baby Shower, I present my version of the very popular Baby Socks Rose Bouquet. One of the cutest things to gift for a baby are the cute little socks.I had bought 6 pairs of baby socks for my sister's baby shower. But the idea of giving socks in their standard packing was not very appealing to me. So, I decided to pack it in a different way. During my search over internet for gift ideas I came across a gift basket where they folded onesies and socks as roses. I decided to make my version of rose bouquet made of socks for my sis. I used blue and green socks for this. You can use neutral colors or you can go by the thumb rule of blue for boys and pink or similar shades for girls.
Again, this is an easy project. I think the pictures are enough for you to understand how to go about it.

I bought this container from Target, you can use any other vase as well. However, I suggest using solid color vase as it will hide the styrofoam and the wires. Knit socks give the best results. Styrofoam is used to fix the Sock rose in the container.

You can use plastic or paper leaf.

The number of socks required depends on how big your arrangement is. Use wire to tie your bow made out of a matching ribbon. Have fun making this cute little craft.

Tip : These socks can be easily removed and washed for wearing once the baby shower party is over and you are finished clicking the pictures or may be once your baby is there and ready to wear one :-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Foam Sheet Flower Wall Art

This Foam Flowers Wall art is one of those quick crafts that your toddler will love and cherish everytime he or she sees it. It needs a little preparation ahead of the crafting time. In your leisure time (which I know is hard to find with a toddler in the house:-)) cut 4 petal flowers using craft knife or scissors. As shown in the illustration you need to cut them in three different sizes. I recommend using contrasting colors. Cutting them on peel and stick foam sheets make this a lot easier and quick. Now, take the largest flower as base (do not peel off), stick the smaller flowers one over the other in decreasing sizes. Also, cut a small circle to make the center of the flower. Refer to the illustration to see how the flower should look like. These peel and stick foam sheets are easily available in Michaels or Walmart or online on

Once your flower is ready only other supply you need is contrasting card stock of a suitable size that can accomodate the flower. Let your toddler peel the largest flower and stick it to the card stock. If your toddler is trying stickers for the first time it is a good idea to make two such flowers so that you can show them how to peel and stick. Display this Foam Sheet Flower Wall Art in your kids room where he can see it everyday and be happy that he made it. Believe me it adds lots of confidence in them. I made it with my daughter and she is so proud that she made it. Do try it.

Tip: You can cut any thing attractive which appeals to your toddler, like umbrella or butterfly using different colors of peel and stick foam sheet.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pomander Ball with Clay Flowers

Happy New Year to all those who read our Blog. Thanks for all the encouragement and appreciation during the past year.
This new year we will have a new category for Gift ideas for Special Occasions. To begin with we will share Baby Shower Gift ideas.
This is one of my favorite creations so far. I think this is my best creation ever.
This project is closest to my heart. I made this for my sister for her Baby Shower. I wanted to make something special and unique. The idea was to create something that she will cherish for a long time to come. She is adorable and so truly deserves this beautiful creation. Since, she was expecting a baby boy I decided to make Pomander ball of blue roses. I used five petal white flowers to give a soothing effect and enhance the effect of blue color.
Pomander Ball, also known as Kissing Ball is the cutest thing I discovered recently. Pomander ball is used in Weddings, Christmas decorations and also as Baby shower decorations. Usually fresh flowers are used as it requires a lot of flowers. Making them in clay makes it extra special and this way it lasts longer. Pomander Ball with clay flowers is a labor intensive project, but once completed you really get the satisfaction of creating something magnificent.
Believe me when you make it for someone close to your heart and they appreciate it as much as you do, you feel all the effort was so much worth it.
Here are some more pictures of this state-of-the-art masterpiece of mine.

Let us know your views on this idea for baby shower gift idea.
Keep visiting there is more to come in this Category of Gift ideas for Special Occasions...

Tip: For Valentine's day this same idea can be used by replacing the blue roses by red roses.


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