Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Socks Rose Bouquet

In continuation to the series of gift ideas for Baby Shower, I present my version of the very popular Baby Socks Rose Bouquet. One of the cutest things to gift for a baby are the cute little socks.I had bought 6 pairs of baby socks for my sister's baby shower. But the idea of giving socks in their standard packing was not very appealing to me. So, I decided to pack it in a different way. During my search over internet for gift ideas I came across a gift basket where they folded onesies and socks as roses. I decided to make my version of rose bouquet made of socks for my sis. I used blue and green socks for this. You can use neutral colors or you can go by the thumb rule of blue for boys and pink or similar shades for girls.
Again, this is an easy project. I think the pictures are enough for you to understand how to go about it.

I bought this container from Target, you can use any other vase as well. However, I suggest using solid color vase as it will hide the styrofoam and the wires. Knit socks give the best results. Styrofoam is used to fix the Sock rose in the container.

You can use plastic or paper leaf.

The number of socks required depends on how big your arrangement is. Use wire to tie your bow made out of a matching ribbon. Have fun making this cute little craft.

Tip : These socks can be easily removed and washed for wearing once the baby shower party is over and you are finished clicking the pictures or may be once your baby is there and ready to wear one :-)


  1. This is wonderful...thanks for sharing it with us

    Love your ideas :)

  2. gr8 idea yar...fantatsic

    keep it up

  3. so it..

  4. Hi,I have pleasing in passing on a Sunshine Blog Award to you. I'm expecting my first grandchild soon so these bright cheerful Ideas for baby gifts brought a smile to my face. Fantastic.

  5. Thanks so much Christine. We are delighted to receive our first Blog Award. It is great to know our Blog brings smile...All the best for your first Grandchild.

  6. really fatastic idea bouquet of socks i adore it n try soon

  7. so cool idea gona try soon

  8. so cool idea gona try it

  9. I love it :-) Another suggestion for baby gifts is to wrap your gift using a baby blanket instead of paper. You can use baby pins to fasten the blanket on the gift or tape depending on the fabric. Or how about using a baby pillow case or sheet instead of a gift bag; the possibilities are endless.


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