Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful flower bouquet in fall colors

We have recently moved and it has been really difficult to find time for my craft projects. But it was my friend's birthday this weekend and I wanted to gift her something handmade. Its beautiful here these days with leaves changing colors and I got inspired to make something that brings these beautiful fall colors outdoors inside the home.

Following are the supplies you need for the project :
- Double crepe paper (Orange)
- Pollens ( Black)
- Floral Wire
- Floral tape (green)
- Wire Cutter
- Fall Bush ( I used purple. you can use any contrasting color)
- Leaves and other fillers
- Glue and Scissors
- Ribbon to finish the bouquet
- Cellophane paper or any transparent gift wrapping paper

Refer the picture above for step by step instructions. ( Click on the pic to get a better view) Take a bunch of pollens and attach them to the wire (stem) using floral tape. Cover the wire with floral tape too. Now cut 8 petals out of the orange double crepe paper (duple paper) for each flower. Refer the image for the petal shape. Stretch the petals to give them a concave shape. Arrange the petals in pairs. Then arrange them overlapping each other around the pollens attach them at the bottom using glue. You can make as many flowers as you want. More the merrier :).

Use the purple fall bushes as fillers and arrange the flowers as shown in the picture. Finish the bouquet by taping all the stems together using floral tape. Add the cellophane paper and a beautiful ribbon bow. You have a beautiful fall theme bouquet ready. Here is another picture of the finished bouquet.

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