Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paper Quilled Garba Dancers

Navratris are over but the festivities are still on. We have lived in Gujarat for many years and the atmosphere during Navratris is simply amazing. People of all ages get dressed in traditional attire and dance to the tunes of Garba (Dandiya) during these nine days and enjoy to their fullest.

Luckily here in US we get to watch or do Garba also, though its generally only on weekends. This year I did not get a chance and felt something was missing.Then I decided to make these male and female Garba dancers in traditional attire with paper quilling.

Supplies I used for this project :
1) Paper quilling strips
2) Quilling tool (slotted)
3) Glue and scissors
4) Card Stock for the base
5) Shadow box (if you want to frame it)

The basic outline is a common embroidery pattern. You can refer my earlier posts on quilling to get an idea of how to get the basic shapes with quilling.

It took a while to figure out how to make it using quilling but I love the final result. It definitely made up for my not getting to do Garba this year. Hope you like it as much as I do :).


  1. This one is amazing. Though I usually don't comment on your work esp on the blog. But this one really deserves. Well done.

  2. Amritadi this one is just superb..... tooooo goood..... love the colours.. it reminds me of good old Gujarat day of the garba in Baroda and Ahmedanad... Great stuff

  3. You impress me more and more with every new project of yours. Keep going. - Astha

  4. great idea....it looks so beautiful!

  5. @Swarna, Sneha : Thanks!
    @Meha, Astha : Thanks. I still remember the college days when you girls performed and I watched in awe :) .


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