Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beautiful clay roses

I made these roses for a friend who had invited me for a ladies only tea party. Daddies took care of the kids while the ladies enjoyed a sunny afternoon and lots of gossip over tea and snacks.It was a lot of fun.

My original plan was to make the arrangement in a pretty tea cup ( to go with the theme of the party) but I couldn't manage to get one in time. So it ended up in a glass vase.

Supplies used to make the arrangement :
- Delight air dry clay
- Floral wire
- Floral tape
- Glass vase
- Green marbles
- Fillers ( fall bush)

To make the rose :

Make seven 1/2 inch dia. clay balls. Use your thumb to press them into the shape of the petal.You can refer the template in this post for the petal shape. Take another clay ball and shape it like a tear drop. Keeping the pointed side up, completely wrap one petal around the teardrop so that you can not see the teardrop. Take the second petal and start wrapping it overlapping the first petal half way through. Add the remaining petals in a similar way.

Make seven more clay balls little bigger than the previous ones and press them into petal shapes. Add these petals similarly, this time flaring the outer edges a little for a open rose look. Remove extra clay from the bottom. Let the flower dry for 24 hrs.

Take a floral wire and cover the tip with glue. Insert it into the flower after it is dry. The clay becomes lighter after it dries. The wire won't be able to take the load when the clay is wet. Wrap green floral tape around the wire to finish the flower.

Add a drop of green color to the clay and mix well. Make tear drop shapes and using scissors slit them halfway to get the filler bud. Insert wire at the bottom and let the buds dry. Take three buds together and wrap floral tape around the stems. I used almost 12 buds for this arrangement.

Arrange the flowers as in picture.Use fall bush or any other fillers you have to give the arrangement a fuller look.Fill the glass vase with marbles.

An adorable arrangement of roses is ready for you to enjoy.

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