Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Craft with pencil shavings

What do you do with your pencil shavings? Throw them away? Here is a great idea to use them to make beautiful craft.

I love to use different materials to add texture to my craft pieces. For this one I used pencil shavings. Its really inexpensive and easy to do. Kids can have fun and easily make this craft project with little help from parents.

Supplies you will need :
- Pencil shavings
- Card stock or any thick paper
- Glue
- Paint and paint brush
- wiggle eyes ( optional )

I chose to make a swan as pencil shavings look really nice as feathers of swan. You can use any pattern that appeals you. Fish scales using pencil shavings will look very pretty too.

Trace the pattern on the card. Start sticking the pencil shavings overlapping the previous one to get a nice pattern. I started from the far end ( right end of the design. It helps to hide the side of pencil shavings with no border giving your project a neater look.

Finally ,I finished the swan by painting the neck and beak and adding the wiggly eye. You could simply paint the eye too.I used some scrap-booking paper strips as borders and used a black frame to complete the project. Have fun making yours!


  1. Never mind what kind of wastes can be turned into artistic centerpiece

  2. i needed sumthin for my project it helped me a lot . thanks


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