Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spooky Spider for Halloween

Halloween is coming and kids love to scare their friends with spooky stuff during Halloween. Here is a quick and fun craft idea for kids to make during Halloween.

To make this spooky spider you need following supplies :
- Black yarn
- Black chenille stems or pipe cleaners
- Wiggle eyes
- Glue and Scissors
- A piece of cardboard
- Clear plastic string ( If you want to suspend the spider)

Keep aside a 6-7 inch yarn piece. Wrap rest of the yarn around the cardboard piece. Remove the wrapped yarn and using the yarn piece you kept aside, tie a know at center of the spool. Place the chenille stems across the spool as shown in the picture and tie more knots to secure the chenille sticks. Click on the image to view a larger picture. Using scissors slit the opposite ends of the spool to get a pom pom. Kids may need help in this step. You may leave the pom pom as is or even out the look using scissors.

Bend the chenille stems to make the legs of the spider. Glue on the wiggle eyes. The spooky spider is ready to scare!

If you want to suspend the spider insert a clear plastic string( available in beading section in any craft store) using a needle from bottom of the spider. This way you can make a couple of spiders and use them as window decoration during Halloween.

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