Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Framed Art

When I bought bedding set for my newborn I found that the set includes Valance which I could not use as I live in an apartment and it has huge windows so it won't fit anyways.
The whole bedding set was utilized optimally except this valance. As my baby grew a bit older and started looking at things close by with great interest I realized since the valance has great embroidered patch work of Lion and Elephant it will make great wall pieces and will interest my daughter a lot if place on the wall.

Quickly I cut out two separate pieces one each of that of lion and the elephant embroidery. After measuring the size of the final art piece with a measuring tape I kept about 1.5 inches on all four sides and cut out two cardboard pieces. I used the box of a recently bought toy for her.
The next step was to cutout strips of self adhesive foam sheets.

I selected fluorescent green as that was the base colour of the bedding set and seemed to go well with the design. I had bought these foam sheets from Michaels. If the color you like is not available in self adhesive foam sheets you can use the regular foam sheets and stick them with glue.
Its best to cut the foam sheets using craft knife. I used Fiskars Fingertip Craft knife
Once the frame is ready the last step is to put the hanging cord. I used a beautiful cord I had kept from one of the gift bags received. You can use any other thick cord or ribbon for this purpose. Cut a piece of about 3inches. Now, on the back of the frame mark two points about 1.5 inches apart so that its the center of the frame. Place the cord there and fix it using tape. You can use scotch tape or double sided tape for this purpose. Michaels is a great place to shop for craft supplies. Usually the things that I use are the basic things you will need to make most of the crafts so its a good idea to have the various kinds of glues, ribbons, tapes in stock.
Once the cord is attached then you can hand the framed art to a place where its easily visible for your baby to look at and enjoy.

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