Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A doll for my doll !

I made this one for my niece. Its one of the simplest projects I remember from when we were kids. Mom used to knit a lot and we will have lot of leftover yarn to play with. This is a very easy craft project for 3-4 yr old kids and can surely be used to decorate kids room.

I just took some pink yarn and wound it around a cardboard piece. Cardboard piece is easier because you can easily bend it and remove it once you are done. Before removing the cardboard tie one end of the yarn spool so that you get a neater shape.

Then I tied a simple knot for the face and finished the face with wiggley eyes I found at Michaels. I slit the spool of yarn from bottom to make the body.

I made hair with black wool and glued it for a neater look. You can sew it too. In all it took me 30 minutes to put this together. Hope my niece likes it and one day tries to make it herself :).


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