Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aquarium Background Screen- Amazing craft for toddler

This one is the latest creation we have had in our home. Credit goes to my husband and my 18 month old daughter. This weekend we were trying to keep our 18 month old busy.
Craft Supplies required—
Construction Paper in bright colors –2 for a 10 gallon Fish tank
White A4 sheet—1
Washable crayons
Self adhesive Foam sheet or stickers –any contrasting color
Glue stick
Scotch Tape

She was drawing with washable crayons on bright construction papers orange and yellow. Later she put glue on petals of a simple flower cut from A4 sheet. Parents help your toddler to cut with scissors. She also used some flowers and butterfly cut from a contrasting self adhesive foam sheets. You can also use the foam stickers available in all kinds of shapes. Decorate these two construction papers. Let your toddler use his or her imagination. You might have to maintain the interest by encouraging them by talking with them through the process. Once its ready its time for parents to step in and fix the paper using scotch tape at the background of the fish tank like you would fix a store bought screen. It makes an amazing craft which brightens up the Fish tank as well as the room. Do not forget to write your toddler’s name to their creations. My daughter was so excited that she can see her flower through the tank and she thinks the fish in the tank are kissing her flower. Everyday when she wakes up it’s the first thing that she goes and looks at. Such simple crafts can be so rewarding to parents as well as toddlers who made it. At such a young age it gives them the feeling of accomplishment and helps develop their creative side as well. One should try it for sure .

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