Friday, August 28, 2009

Perfect Origami Crane

Origami- The Japanese art of Paper folding is something that fascinated me from so long. During my visit to Japan couple of years back I could really appreciate the beauty and the art of folding paper. Its now that I really found the time to learn it on my own. The Japanese Papercrane or ORIZURU is famous throughout the world. It is a symbol of origami, and a symbol of peace. An ancient Japanese legend says that whoever folds 1000 cranes will be granted a wish.Here comes the perfect Origami crane pair made by me this morning itself. If you are looking for a quick craft basic Origami is your answer. You get good results when you get a hang of it. It is great for kids too. Makes a good decoration for study table or your working table too.

Material needed
6"x 6" square Origami Paper of any color you like.

Its a sequence of folding the square paper. Believe me it is not as difficult as it looks. By simple folds you can make this amazing crane.
If you are trying it for the first time and do not have Origami paper you can begin with cutting a square paper approx 6". The nearest texture or thinness can be obtained from a shining paper of an ad magazine you might be receiving every week.
So get started.
The video I used is the video on you tube. Only difference is that I used colorful paper rather than white.

Resources Melisa & Doug 51 premium sheets, 17 vibrant colots including Metallics and Flourescents

Need Inspiration to start: An amazing article with quick guide to learn Origami over internet. It has lots of tutorial videos and will blow up your imagination when you see what all you can make by just folding paper.


Do try this amazing art for sure. Enjoy and have fun. Share your experience too.

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