Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Handmade wood rose arrangement

This is one of the most liked creations of mine in one of the Craft festivals in UK.
It is unique and works best when you want to achieve festivity along with a rustic feel.This wood rose arrangement uses a slightly different technique than the usual double crepe flowers I create.

Materials you will need :
For Bud and Flower
Double crepe paper - White and brown
Wire 18# and 30 #
Floral Tape

Double crepe paper- white and brown
Cotton ball
Floral Tape

Flower Arrangement
Oasis floral foam
Gold painted dried stem or any variety of dried stem looks good.

Refer to the template and cut out 3 small petals for one bud, 3 small petals and 5 big petals for one flower. Cut 6 rectangular pieces in contrasting color than as of petals. Refer the picture.

Begin with making stamens. Take a small piece of absorbent cotton ball around 1/2 inch in diameter. Stretch the rectangular crepe meant for stamens and put the cotton in the middle. Holding the ball twist the 30# wire around the neck of the ball.Wind it downward. Cover the wire with floral tape. Make 3 each for bud and flower.
Hold 3 stamens together and bind it together with wire and cover with tape. Make two sets of stamen.
Hold the petals with two hands, using your thumb stretch the petals to make concave effect.

For bud using glue arrange 3 small petals so that two petals overlap one. Once it is dry cover the wire with floral tape.

Make a similar bud and then arrange 5 large petals around it and fix the base with glue. Once dried finish it with floral tape.All the supplies are available at art supplies store like Michaels, Joann, Wal-mart. Wide variety of double crepe papers are available at the link provided above.
Depending on the size of the arrangement you want to make decide how many flowers you need.Arrange the buds and flower in a vase which has floral foam in it. Make sure the foam is not visible from outside. Use dried gold painted stems as fillers.
Amazing wood rose arrangement is ready to brighten your house.

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  1. Very creative and excellent work.Loved the website.


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