Thursday, August 13, 2009

Easy spray painting craft for kids

Kids love to paint and get their hands messy with them. This is a great idea for beginners and can be extended to make complex designs as well. Whether the kids do it independently or with their parents simply depends on how old they are.
I used the following supplies :
Card stock
Thick paper sheet to cut out patterns
Acrylic paint ( you can use any water based paint)
An old tooth brush

I simply drew some animal patterns on a thick sheet of paper and cut them out.
For younger kids ( Ages 4 and below I guess) you may have to do this for them. Or you can just get ready made patterns or print them out from internet if that suits you.

Arrange the pattern on the card stock as shown in the picture. If you find it difficult you can fix it with a paper pin for the spraying part.
Take some acrylic color on your paint dish. Wet you toothbrush with water and then wipe away access water using a paper towel. Dip the tooth brush in the paint ( do not take too much color otherwise the spray will have large spots) and run your thumb across the bristles to spray on the card stock. Continue till all of the card stock is covered with paint. You can use multiple colors also to create patterns. Be careful to cover the surface you are working on with paper towels or any plastic sheet as the paint will spray outside of the card stock too.

Let the paint dry and remove the cutout pattern. Yay...your card is ready, If you want you can outline the pattern with marker or leave it as it is. It totally depends on the pattern and your taste.

This is a great and inexpensive idea to keep kids entertained on play dates too.

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  1. Srilalitha Rao by email

    I think the blog is really good especially during the vacation time , kids will have something creative to do and learn and will have fun at the same time


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