Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wooden Bead Necklace Preschool Craft

It gives me immense pride to share this craft with you all. This is my daughter's first attempt at bead craft. Both of us are so proud of this project.

I was just waiting for her to turn 3 year old so desperately that she gets to use things which are labelled as small parts, only for 3 year old and above. She was ready before that but still I was waiting.

This is one of the simplest crafts if you look at it. But, definitely a feel good craft for a preschooler. They do get sense of achievement after completing this.
I could see it is a little challenging for them.
It is very good for honing their fine motor skills.Also, they get to learn and experience patterns.
It can be tiring too, so its ok for parents to help in between just to help them to complete the project. To be honest, at the end of it my daughter was all worked up and the tiny fingers wanted rest, but the little heart wanted to wear that necklace as soon as possible. So I pitched in.

She got this cute box she got the other day from Joann, its a $1 box which comes with 4 crayons on top to color this little ballerina.
Once the necklace was completed she wore it. But she had a box ready to keep it safe.
I think it is great craft for kids.

Useful Tips:

1. Wooden beads were bought from Dollar Tree. Not all of them are perfect. Parents might want to sort the good ones and give to kids to avoid frustration.
2. For cording the beads your best bet is thin elastic as shown in the picture. I tried jewellery color cords as well as hemp meant for jewellery making, beading and crafting, but they are not great for little hands. The tip does not remain stiff for long. Craft needles meant for kids are too thick for this project.
3. The beads I bought had one sample elastic. More can be bought from sewing supply store. Walmart, Michaels and Joann have them.
4. For quicker projects you might want to make a bracelet.
5. For preschooler boys, you might want to get square beads in blue, black, red, orange or brown.You can also select a different box.


  1. SO beautiful yes when working with beads even I lose patience!

  2. that is so cool, great project, I miss those days with the kids,there all grown up now!


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